Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Hon. Makinde denies taking his honeymoon to Obudu Ranch due to bankruptcy

Newly married entertainer turned politician, Rotimi Makinde, and his new wife, former Miss Osun state are currently observing their honeymoon at Obudu Cattle Ranch in Cross Rivers State. The couple left their base in Ile Ife Osun State some days after their wedding to Cross River state where they plan to spend at least a month, having the time of their lives at the wondrous hospitality haven.

Hon. Makinde's media personnel, Sanya Ojo, this week reacted to speculations that he took his new bride to Obudu Cattle Ranch instead of the Dubai honeymoon she'd had hoped for because he was bankrupt. Sanya Ojo said:
"Its misinformation and unfortunate for any discerning mind to nurse the insinuation that a trained and successful accountant in the person of Honourable Makinde could in any situation get involved in anything that could lead to financial recklessness. That as a thorough businessman, Honorable Makinde couldn't have in anyway spent beyond his budget or go into borrowing as being peddled by mischievous enemies. Moreover its more expensive to be in Obudu Cattle Ranch than going abroad for such things"

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