Thursday, 9 January 2014

Woman goes blind after undergoing surgery to change eye colour

 Ms Farrell says she no longer minds what colour her eyes are - all that matters is that she can still see
A student, Shenise Farrell  narrated her story of she was how she  left temporarily blind after she tried to change her eye colour in surgical procedure.
Shenise Farrell a student in London, obviously not satisfied with her natural eye color which were dark brown decided to change her eye color to light brown and began to search for surgical options.
Ms Farrell decided in 2009 that she wanted to change the colour of her eyes and so she began researching surgical options.
Despite her family’s horror, she travelled to Panama to have a procedure which involved implanting coloured discs – like a contact lenses – into her eyes.
Ms Farrell told Channel 5’s Botched Up Bodies: ‘I was so determined to get the surgery nothing rang alarm bells for me – nothing obvious.’

 When Ms Farrell arrived at the clinic, she was told the brown implants were 'out of stock' and she agreed to have blue ones instead
When Ms Farrell arrived at the clinic in Panama, she was told that she could not have the light brown implants as they were out of stock.
As a result, the surgeon informed her that she would be given blue implants instead.
Despite this not being her original intention, she decided to go ahead with the operation.
To her huge shock, at the end of the 20 minute procedure, Ms Farrell realised she couldn’t see properly.
This time, surgeons made an incision in her corneas to allow them to remove the implants.
Ms Farrell said: ‘When I woke up I saw black. I panicked. I thought if my vision goes, my life will be over.’
However, the blackness she saw was only caused by the bandaged surgeons had placed over her eyes.
When these were removed,It took two to three months for her vision to return to normal.
She said: ‘Now that my eyes are back to normal, my eyes are brown but it doesn’t matter what shade of brown it is. The main thing is that I can see.’

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