Tuesday, 9 July 2013

“I didn’t do it”: Ex-Nigerian Olympian in court for killing a woman in South Africa

Former Nigerian Olympian, Ambrose Monye, has appeared before a South African court maintaining is innocence in the killing of a South African woman, Chanelle Henning.
On Monday, Monye said he did not give any instruction to anyone to get her assassinated.
“My Lord, I never gave instructions to anybody to carry out any illegal action,” Monye said.
Vanguard reports:
As the State completed cross-examination of the in alleged link in the murder of Henning, the state Prosecutor, Gerrie Nel, in final submissions in trial of Monye in the North Gauteng High Court, Pretoria, said  that he believed the accused was involved in Henning’s murder.
Henning, 26, died in a shooting in Faerie Glen on Nov. 8 2011, shortly after dropping her child at a crèche.

Monye and his co-accused, Andre Gouws, pleaded not guilty to the five-count charge of  conspiracy to murder Henning.
The state alleged that Monye and Gouws conspired with former Policeman Gerhardus du- Plessis and Willem Pieterse in the murder of Henning.
Du Plessis and Pieterse are serving 18 years imprisonment after confessing their roles in the murder.
Nel said Gouws wanted someone killed and he asked Monye to assist him.
He narrated how Monye met Pieterse who agreed to carry out the killing.
Nel said Monye introduced Gouws to Pieterse and Du Plessis on Nov. 2, 2011.
He said Monye insisted that the two should follow Gouws to Henning’s house and workplace.
Monye however, denied any involvement in the conspiracy and muder.
“They followed Gouws willingly,” Monye told the court.
Nel also explained how Pieterse and Du Plessis failed to kill Henning days before she was murdered, and how Monye arranged a meeting at Romans Pizza in Sunnyside, Pretoria, to iron out the problem.
“My lord there was nothing like that. I never arranged a meeting for such things,” Monye said.
Monye also denied threatening Du Plessis when he allegedly said that he was no longer taking  part in the murder.
Nel referred to cell phone records showing calls between Monye and Pieterse and between Monye and Gouws on the day of the murder.
He said Monye demanded payment for the murder on Nov. 8, 2011, and Gouws withdrew R44.000 (about N 792,000) from his bank account on that same day.
He said few days later R31.500 (about N 558,000) was deposited into Monye’s account.
Nel said this was payment for the murder.
“My lord, I never demanded any money from anybody,” Monye said.
With conclusion of cross-examination by the prosecution, Daan Mostert, counsel for Gouws, will question Monye at next hearing on July 26

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