Saturday, 13 July 2013

Meet 'Mama Dolphin'--The Lady Who Fixes 'TOHTOH'




There is supposedly a lady who can fix pussy's to become as sweet as Sugar or honey or both sugar and honey mixed together!....All you need to do is eat a whole chicken without cracking the bones and the rest is history.

This is the second time i am hearing of this chicken it seems to have become fashion.

If you read this and you have tested Mama Dolphin,please tell us your story.

'' The venerable Mama Dolphin is so called because her office or her house or is it her prayer headquarters is said to be in Dolphin Estate on the Island is said to be the in thing right now.

According to the gist flying around, we hear she's probably the saviour of the singles and the married women alike right now. What does she do, you all might want to know? Her's is love enchantment of the maddest kind, the queue we hear at her abode in Dolphin Estate is unbelievable, once you see mama then all is well with you and your dilemma or case. How does she go about it?

We hear she would prepare you a whole cockerel or Chicken well done to be eaten. But eating it comes with a proviso: It must  be eaten by you alone whole not to be shared at all and then also you must make sure that the bones are all intact, it must not be cracked at all. After this is done whatsoever the lady does, the husband would not raise an eyelid. Even if a trailer passes through it would okay by the husband. That's not all, if the lady (wife, girlfriend or mistress) asks for the whole universe the man would provide it, no matter what.

It doesn't just end there, the other part is the enchanted waist bead that mama gives her clients, old, young, single or married. Once a man 'checks out' or encounters the Bermuda triangle of the waist bead wearer, except God helps the man, then he is forever hooked. He becomes a puppet in her hand, totally subservient to all her whims & caprices. ''

*Na wah oooooooooooooh... DO THESE THINGS WORK?
*And the scales fall of the man's eyes?*

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