Sunday, 7 July 2013

Relationship:She is as old as my mum! but i love her

culled from punchng,by Kemi Ashefon
Fred was furious. At 32, he believed strongly that his parents should not interfere with his relationship. He was old enough to know what was suitable for him or not. “You cannot marry that woman, she has cast a spell on you,” his mother told him.
“But I love her. She makes me happy and I feel safe with her. She is not as old as you think, Mariam is just 55 years old,” an exasperated Fred replied his mother.
“Fred, I was 50 four years ago and that woman can never be your wife as long as I live,” his mother reiterated. As he left his parents’ place, he was angrier that his father, who used to be very understanding, did not say a word but kept nodding his head while his mother talked.
He drove straight to Mariam’s house and was welcomed by one of her four children. After exchanging pleasantries, he walked into her room.

“So, what did they say?” Mariam asked him as he sat on the bed. She knew he would not be able to convince his parents on his resolve to marry a 55-year-old widow. Her firstborn, Janet, is a 29-year-old engineer and got married a year ago. Her lastborn is having his youth service and was the one who met Fred at the door.
“I have told you not to discuss marriage with them. No sane mother will allow her son marry a woman like me,” she said in her usual quiet voice.
“But you are not like every other woman to me! You don’t treat me like other women do. Mariam, you make me happy and with you, I feel safe. I know I am genuinely loved,” Fred said with tears in his eyes.
He could not explain how he met Mariam or how their love begun. He had attended a friend’s wedding and his car had a flat tyre. As he prepared to change it, he realised his jack wasn’t in the boot. He was angry that his mechanic didn’t return it after working on the axle. Fortunately, there was a Sports Utility Vehicle parked next to his car and he approached the driver to help him with a jack.
He met a woman and she gladly gave him the jack. By the time he was through with changing his tyre, she had entered the church hall. After the service, he quickly walked back to the car park and didn’t see her until he got to the reception hall.
Luckily, he sat some seats away from hers. He quickly walked up to her and asked that she gave him her car key so as to return the jack. But she was more concerned about him eating and getting all the souvenirs. He was enthralled at her kindness and he asked for her number.
By the time Fred left the hall, he had forgotten about the jack! The next day, he called her on the phone and asked for her address. He visited her, dropped the item but was captivated by her conducts. She was a kind woman. He visited again, and gradually, they became friends. An intimate relationship ensued.
Everything about this woman made meaning to him. He was taken aback when she revealed her age but she made him very comfortable with her. She was so caring, showed concern on everything about him and helped to inject some funds into his dying business. Mariam was like a lover in her 20s and he always forgot she was 23 years older than him!
If anyone thought he would have problems with her children, they must have been proved wrong. They took to him as soon as their mother introduced him to them. They hardly saw their mother with any man since their father, who was an army officer, died 10 years ago.
“So, what do you want to do now? I will not allow you to go against your parents’ wish just because you want to marry me,” Mariam said. “You are the only woman, who make me feel what I feel now and I am not ready to sacrifice that love for my parents,” Fred said.
Already, he had called it quits with his younger over, Loveline. To Fred, no woman mattered except Mariam. Loveline was too demanding, nagged and her excitement in bed depended on gifts she received from him. Mariam was the opposite— she gave her body to him at will and made sure she pleased him at all times. He called off the affair with Loveline three weeks after he started dating Mariam.
As he went home the next day, he made up his mind not to marry any woman as long as his mother objected to his relationship with Mariam. He could not imagine leaving her. Never! Even if she cannot have children for him, he would adopt hers. That would be the next issue to thrash with his mother.


  1. Loving your mama's age mate ?? Go see your doctor, lols