Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Edo State Teacher of 20 years who can't read her Age declaration affidavit

 Edo Governor, Adams Oshiomhole has nabbed a teacher Mrs. Augusta Odenwingie who could not read properly.

Mrs Odenwingie was asked to read an affidavit she swore to declare her age but to the amusement of all, she stuttered continuously until the governor helped in reading it for her.

The teacher when asked to repeat a sentence she didn't read well answered in pidgin ''make I start am again".and there was an outburst of laughter.

After helping her to read through the affidavit,Gov Oshiomole asked her''if you cannot read this,i wonder if you will be able to write it on the board!''
She has been teaching for 20yrs!..I wonder where the children that passed through her are today.

Are these the kind of teachers that teach our children?Lord have Mercy!!!

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