Monday, 26 August 2013



culled from stella's blog

I have been in contact with Franca.E.....she contacted me after i said she should on my blog comment.
A lot is going on right now and she is being told she should not have come out to support Ese Walters and her allegations that she had  sexual contact with Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA...Friends have disowned her,family is pressurizing her.
She is fading into oblivion because of the way it has turned out,but just before she vanishes,she wants me to put out this statement for will not be hearing from her again unless she turns up dead!

This is what she sent me just now..............shes running..and hiding!

STATEMENT: My encounter with Pastor Biodun had been a long dead and buried issue. I only commented because people were calling Ese a liar and I knew first hand that something like that had nearly happened to me. However, now they are involving my family especially my sick father. Whatever meeting whoever had with my father has no bearing on my life because he does NOT speak for me. For those sending me threatening texts, what I possess is my best security. I have taken the precaution of making copies of all that I have and entrusted it to two people who would send them out if I turn up it from armed robbery, kidnapping, sickness, poison, planecrash, heart attack, car accident or even childbirth. As my last word on this issue, I remind you that I, Franca E, is protected by 'a level of grace you don't understand'! Peace.

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