Saturday, 17 August 2013

Would You Let An HIV Positive Medical Doctor Do An Operation On You?

A ban stopping healthcare workers infected with HIV in UK from carrying out surgery and dentistry is to be scrapped.

The ban which has been in place for more than 20 years was imposed because of fears that if an HIV positive surgeon or dentist cut themselves during certain types of operation, it could result in the patient becoming infected.

But from next April, anyone with HIV wanting to carry out surgical and dental procedures would have to go on a confidential register and have three-monthly testing to ensure they were complying with treatment. They must also have an undetectable viral load of HIV in their system.

England’s chief medical officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies, said science had moved on and it was time to scrap ‘outdated rules’. 
She said HIV was no longer a killer disease, and patients were more likely to be “struck by lightning” than become infected by a health worker.

So, guys, just imagine yourself being a patient in UK and you desperately need this surgery or you will become handicapped.
And the ONLY surgeon that can do the operation is one of these HIV positive health workers, would you go ahead with the surgery?

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