Friday, 5 July 2013

My husband slept with his mistress and made her an evangelist – Pastor’s wife reveals in court

An Orile-Agege Customary Court in Lagos, yesterday, dissolved the 20-year-old marriage of a pastor, who had accused his wife of infidelity and threat to his life.
Pastor Sunday Owonikoko, 51, had filed a petition at the court on May 27, saying he could no longer continue with his wife, Bolajoko, 47.
Ruling in the case, court president, Mr Joseph Adewusi, said the marriage has broken down irretrievably.
His words: “Starting from today, you cease to be addressed as husband and wife; you shall go your separate ways and maintain the peace.
“The custody of the under-aged among the children is referred to Ikeja Family Court for final decision, but in the interim, the children should remain with the petitioner.
“The petitioner, Pastor Sunday Owonikoko, should pay a compensation fee of N25,000 to the defendant and also secure accommodation for her.”

My wife still sees her ex
According to reports the pastor, who lives at 1, Alowole St., Papa Ashafa, Orile-Agege, had told the court that his wife was still seeing her ex-lovers.
“My wife once travelled to Ghana to meet one of her concubines. She did family planning without my consent and she goes out at will.
“She was suspended from the church for six months because she fought all ministers in the church. She then established her church, she fought all the members of the church, and they all left.”
The father of four children, aged between 19 years and 11 years, had also told the court that his wife threatened to destroy him and the church.
“I want the court to dissolve the union and grant me custody of my children,” he had said.
Bolajoko, an evangelist, had, however, denied the allegations in her response.
My husband is  adulterous
She said: “My husband is adulterous. He has slept with almost all the sisters in the church. A mother of seven is presently living with him and he has made the woman an evangelist.”
Bolajoko told the court that her husband had “lost his mind” since he ate vegetable soup in the house of one of the sisters in the church. I don’t love him anymore, I want a divorce.”
Husband,  wife trade blame on  infidelity
Also yesterday, a couple, Muyideen and Simbiat Saula, urged an Ikorodu Customary Court, Lagos, to dissolve their marriage, accusing each other of infidelity.
Simbiat, 27, a trader who resides at Fajemisi St., Kokoro Abu, Ikorodu, had earlier told the court that Muyideen beats her regularly, adding that she was tired of his infidelity.
She said: “My husband beats me whenever I make mistakes; he had battered me to the extent that I had two miscarriages.
“He usually beats me to the extent that he would tear my clothes to pieces. I have also heard him receive calls from different women. I am no more interested in the marriage.“
Muyideen, 40, a businessman, in turn accused his wife of receiving strange calls from different men in the midnight.
He said: “My wife receives calls from concubines which her mother knows about. She opened a Facebook account to chat with her concubines; she has also installed a security code on her phone, so that I would not have access to it.
“I am also no more interested in the marriage because her mother came to pack her belongings,“ he said.

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