Tuesday, 18 June 2013


NOLLYWOOD Actress Chika Ike explains why she ended her marrage during an inverview on RUBBIN' MINDS.here is what she said
"Well you get to a point in your life where you have to stop lying to yourself, you have to come terms with your person and tell yourself the truth. If it’s something that is working, it’s working and if it’s not, it’s not
I believe in something, I believe happiness is everything to me so I just had to take that decision because it wasn’t working and I just thought I should tell myself the truth"

when asked if she will still consider  marriage in the nearest future, the actress responded....
“Well i respect marriage a lot, because I’ve been there i respect the institution a lot but right about now am not sure if I am ready for that now, I can only say maybe, am not very sure”
Responding to the issue of celebrities staying in of keeping their marriages, which is something that cuts across the globe and not only trending in Nigeria, Chike Ike responded that celebrities who are victims of failed marriages are not supposed to be judged as it happens to even the non-celebrities.
“I think it’s a very sad one because, I mean it happens everywhere, in any walks of life it happens it’s just that we are out here , we are in the limelight, it’s so easy for people throw bullets at you and judge you because you are out there for people to consume, I think it’s everywhere”

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