Saturday, 22 June 2013

From a LIB reader;I'm 20 years old and pregnant for a married man

culled from linda's blog
I am a 20 year old woman living in the UK and also studying here. My parents have been at war since I can remember and I have to rely on my siblings to take care of me, I am reluctant to ask them though as everyone works hard and times are difficult.
I have had my fair share of horrible boyfriends in the past few years, I have dated so many stingy men that would not give me a penny but I am usually not bothered about this as I don't date men because of their money. I have although since decided to remain single and just have the usual one night stand because I am tired of the constant heartbreak and pain. Until recently.

I recently got introduced to a married man and the initial plan was to have him spend on me, I didn't want to but as I was about to be kicked out of my flat for lack of payments I did what I had to. I wasn't going to go any further with him but he turned out to be really nice. I tried to cut contact with him but unfortunately he had fallen head over heels in love with me. If he doesn't see me or hear from me in an hour he becomes frantic and agitated. He tells all his friends here in the Uk about me, takes me to their houses and introduces me as his girlfriend.

This is a man with a wife and 4 beautiful children whom I happen to know very well through him introducing me to them. He keeps saying he would make me his second wife which of course I don't believe and always has sex with me unprotected despite my refusal. Also he has not given me any more money since he paid my rent for the owed 2 months, any time I ask him he gives one excuse or the other, even paying for my cab to wherever is too much to ask of him. I desperately want to get out of it but now I think I might be pregnant for him.  

I'm so confused about the next step, I'm scared if I tell him I'm pregnant he'll disappear but I also can't take care of a child on my own as I have not even graduated from university. I've thought about going to tell his wife but I'll just be labelled a home wrecker and loaded with all the blame. Please what do I do?

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