Tuesday, 18 June 2013

UNIUYO protest: NUC, University Council, police investigates student’s death

The NUC delegation at UNIUYO... on Monday (Photo: Punch)
The NUC delegation at UNIUYO… on Monday (Photo: Punch)

Investigation into the killing a University of Uyo student began yesterday as the National Universities Commission, the Nigerian Police and the council of the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State met.
The student was said to have been shot by the police on Wednesday while students were protesting the introduction of fee in their General Studies and also an increment in bus fare.

On Monday, NUC’s acting chairman, Inter-ministerial Committee on Campus Safety and Security, Adebisi Balogun, condemned the death of the student while inspecting the destroyed facilities on the university’s campus.
“Whatever had happened or whatever should happen within the Nigerian university system among students and staff, there should not be loss of life. And that is why the Executive Secretary of NUC has sent us as an inter-ministerial committee,” he said.
“The Minister of Education was concerned about the loss of life of a student; they are the future human resources of this country –they are the future leaders of this country. Nobody should be happy about the loss of any single life, at all.”
“This one is going to be investigated. We have come to look at the circumstance leading to the killing of the student and at the same time the university will provide more information, more investigation to ascertain the reasons, and know who is culpable for the killing of the student.”
“We are still investigating, the police are still investigating, and the university has set up their own committee to investigate the matter. Definitely this is beyond just a N100 transportation fare.”

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